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medicines that thin the blood to prevent blood clots. Medikinet xl must not be taken together with H2 receptor blockers or antacids which are used to reduce gastric acid secretion or to counteract excessive acitity in the stomach, as this could lead to a faster release of the total amount of active substance. If you are in any doubt about whether any medicines you or your child is taking are included in the list above, ask your doctor or pharmacist for advice before taking methylphenidate. Having an operation Tell your doctor if you or your child is going to have an operation. Methylphenidate should not be taken on the day of surgery if a certain type of anaesthetic is used. This is because there is a chance of a sudden rise in blood pressure during the operation. Taking methylphenidate with alcohol do not drink alcohol while taking this medicine. Alcohol may make the side effects of this medicine worse. Remember that some delier foods and medicines contain alcohol. Pregnancy and breast-feeding It is not known if methylphenidate will affect an unborn baby.

mga medicatie

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This may be painful and can occur at any time. It is important to contact your doctor straight away if your erection lasts for longer than 2 hours, particularly if this is painful. Drug testing This medicine may give a positive result when testing for drug use. Athletes must be aware that this medicinal product may cause a positive reaction to anti-doping tests. Other medicines and medikinet xl please tell your doctor or pharmacist if you or your child is taking, has recently taken or may take any other medicines. Do not take methylphenidate if you or your child: is taking a medicine called a monoamine oxidase inhibitor (maoi) used for depression, or has taken an maoi in the last 14 days. Taking an maoi with methylphenidate may cause a sudden increase in blood pressure. If you or your child is taking other medicines, methylphenidate may affect how well they work or may cause side effects. Tell your doctor if you or your child is taking medicines to treat: depression mental health problems epilepsy blood pressure problems cough and colds. Some remedies contain medicines that can affect blood pressure. It is important to check with your pharmacist when you buy any of these products.

mga medicatie

correct medicine for you or your child. Your doctor will talk to you about: any other medicines you or your child is taking whether there is any family history of sudden unexplained death any other medical problems (such as heart problems) you or your family may have how you or your child. Your doctor will discuss whether you or your child is at risk of having mood swings (from being manic to being depressed - called bipolar disorder). They will check you or your childs mental health history, and check if any of your family have a history of suicide, bipolar disorder or depression. It is important that you provide as much information as you can. This will help your doctor decide if methylphenidate is the correct medicine for you or your child. Your doctor may decide that other medical tests are needed before you or your child start taking this medicine. During treatment, boys and adolescents may unexpectedly experience prolonged erections.

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This medicine can help children and mijt young people with adhd. adhd can make you: - run about too much - not be able to pay attention - act quickly without thinking about what will happen next (impulsive). It affects learning, making friends and how you think about yourself. It is not your fault. While you are taking this medicine as well as taking this medicine you will also get help with ways to you cope with your adhd such as talking to adhd specialists. this medicine should help you. But it does not cure adhd. you will need to go to your doctor several times a year for check ups. This is to make sure the medicine is working and that you are growing and developing. Has liver or kidney problems has problems with swallowing or swallowing whole tablets has a narrowing or blockage of the gut or food-pipe has had fits (seizures, convulsions, epilepsy) or any abnormal brain scans (EEGs) has ever abused or been dependent on alcohol, prescription medicines. Other mental health problems include: - mood swings lagen (from being manic to being depressed - called bipolar disorder) - starting to be aggressive or hostile, or aggression gets worse - seeing, hearing or feeling things that are not there (hallucinations) - believing things that are. Tell your doctor or pharmacist if any of the above apply to you or your child before starting treatment.

mga medicatie

Medikinet xl treatment must only be initiated by, and used under the supervision of a doctor, specialised in the treatment of adhd, such as an expert paediatrician, a child and adolescent psychiatrist or a psychiatrist. A careful examination by this doctor is required. If you as an adult have not been treated before, the doctor will perform tests to confirm that you have been affected by adhd since childhood. Although there is no cure for adhd, it can be managed using treatment programmes. About adhd children and young people with adhd find it: hard to sit still and hard to concentrate. It is not their fault that they cannot do these things. Patients can have adhd in varying degrees with symptoms including: lack of concentration restlessness hyperactivity impulsivity emotional instability disorganised thinking This is shown by, for example: difficulty concentrating forgetfulness talking too much difficulties in planning and carrying out tasks to completion blindfold actions impatience adhd. Do not take medikinet xl if you or your child is allergic to methylphenidate or any of the other ingredients of this medicine (listed in section 6) has a thyroid problem has increased pressure in the eye (glaucoma) has a tumour of the adrenal gland. Has a history of pronounced lack of gastric acid (anacidity of the stomach) with a ph value above.5 is taking medicines to reduce secretion of gastric acid or to treat excessive acidity of the stomach (H2 receptor blocker or antacid treatment) Information for children. If you dont enjoy reading, someone like your mum, dad or carer (sometimes called your guardian) can read it to you and answer any questions. It may help if you read small bits at a time. Why have i been given this medicine?

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How to store medikinet. Contents of the pack and other information Information for children and young people now read the rest of this leaflet before you start taking this medicine. What Medikinet xl is and what it is used winter for What it is used for medikinet xl is used to treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (adhd). it is used in children aged 6 years and over and in adults. it is used only after treatments have been tried which do not involve medication. Counselling and behavioural therapy and which have been insufficient. Medikinet xl is not for use as a treatment for adhd in children under 6 years of age. How it works medikinet xl improves the activity of certain parts of the brain which are under-active. The medicine can help improve attention span and concentration and reduce impulsive behaviour. The medicine is given as part of a treatment programme, which usually includes psychological, educational and social therapy. mga medicatie

If you get any side effects talk to your doctor or pharmacist. This includes any possible side effects not listed in this leaflet. The leaflet has been written in sections: - sections 1 to 6 ontstaan are for parents and carers (sometimes called your guardians). the last section is a special section for a child or young person to read. However, all sections are written as though the child or young person taking the medicine is reading them. The sections are:. What Medikinet xl is and what it is used for. What you need to know before you or your child takes Medikinet. How to take medikinet. Possible side effects.

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The most common side effects are feeling nervous, not being able to sleep or having a headache. Read sections 3 and 4 for oily more information. Talk to your doctor straight away if any of the following happen: your mood and how you feel changes. you feel any problems with your heart. Read section 4 for more information. The rest of this leaflet includes more detail and other important information on the safe and effective use of this medicine. You may need to read it again. If you have any further questions, ask your doctor or pharmacist. This medicine has been prescribed for you. Do not pass it on to others. It may harm them, even if their symptoms are the same as yours.

mga medicatie

Important things you need to perfume know about your medicine This medicine is used to treat adhd the full name for adhd is Attention Deficit Hyperactivity disorder. The medicine helps with your brain activity. It can help improve your attention, help you concentrate, and make you less impulsive. you need to have other treatments for adhd as well as this medicine. Read section 1 for more information. Before you take this medicine, talk to your doctor if: you have heart, circulation, or mental health problems - you may not be able to take this medicine. you are taking any other medicines - this is because methylphenidate can affect how other medicines work. Read section 2 for more information. While taking this medicine: see your doctor regularly. This is because your doctor will want to check how the medicine is working. do not stop taking the medicine without first talking to your doctor. your doctor may stop your medicine to see if it is still needed, if you take it for more than a year.

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Erstellt am: Art.-Nr.: Art.-bez.: Größe: Farbe:, mockup_gi medikinet xl capsules gb 282 x 742 mm, schwarz, mockup_gi medikinet xl capsules. Qxp_20070124 bpz uk xl variation.11.17 14:12 seite. Package leaflet: Information for the user. Medikinet, medikinet, medikinet, medikinet, medikinet, medikinet, medikinet. Xl, xL, xL, xL, xL, xL, xL 5 mg modified-release beste capsules, hard 10 mg modified-release capsules, hard 20 mg modified-release capsules, hard 30 mg modified-release capsules, hard 40 mg modified-release capsules, hard 50 mg modified-release capsules, hard 60 mg modified-release capsules, hard. Methylphenidate hydrochloride, do not take methylphenidate if any of the above apply to you or your child. If you are not sure, talk to your doctor or pharmacist before you or your child takes methylphenidate. This is because methylphenidate can make these problems worse. Warnings and precautions, talk to your doctor before taking medikinet xl if you or your child. The name of your medicine is Medikinet xl, it contains the active substance methylphenidate hydrochloride. The name methylphenidate will also be used in the leaflet.

Mga medicatie
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Msd heeft geen toegang tot de gegevens van de gebruiker en de persoonlijke informatie in de app. Deze gegevens worden ook niet met derden gedeeld via de app. De patiënt kan, naar eigen goeddunken, vanaf de app per e-mail informatie verzenden naar de behandelende arts (of verpleger). De patiënt moet echter goed nadenken over de persoonlijke informatie die hij wil verstrekken en de documenten die hij wil delen via een persoonlijke e-mailaccount.

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Msd streeft ernaar om de gegevens in de app te beschermen en zo de privacy van de patiënt te waarborgen. De gegevens zijn gecodeerd op het mobiele apparaat en kunnen alleen via de app geraadpleegd worden. De patiënt wordt gevraagd om een 4-cijferige pincode te kiezen bij het installeren van de app.

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De patiënt kan herinneringen ontvangen voor het nemen van zijn medicatie (gepland voor later). de app stelt speciale recepten voor patiënten met inflammatoire darmziekten voor. de app biedt links naar patiëntenorganisaties, waar patiënten nuttige en juiste informatie over de ziekte kunnen vinden. Privacyverklaring, msd belgium bvba/sprl is de belgische dochteronderneming van Merck., Inc., kenilworth, new Jersey, vs, een bedrijf voor geavanceerd farmaceutisch onderzoek dat een breed scala van innovatieve farmaceutische producten ontdekt, ontwikkelt, produceert en verkoopt om het leven van patiënten in België en.

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De patiënt kan een maandelijkse/driemaandelijkse vragenlijst invullen met feedback over de gevolgen van de ziekte op zijn levenskwaliteit. De patiënt kan een rapport aanmaken om het verloop van de ziekte (symptomen en levenskwaliteit) te volgen. Dit rapport kan de patiënt delen met zijn arts of verpleger (tijdens de consultatie of per e-mail). de app kan de patiënt helpen om het dichtstbijzijnde openbare toilet te vinden. de app kan de meest courante woorden/terminologie met betrekking tot de ziekten vertalen om de patiënt in het buitenland te begeleiden.

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De app heeft de volgende doeleinden en functies. In het geval van buikpijn kan de patiënt een korte vragenlijst (3 vragen) invullen om de symptomen te registreren. de applicatie zal de patiënt automatisch vragen om een vragenlijst in te vullen over de gevolgen van de ziekte op zijn levenskwaliteit (bij het eerste gebruik, een maand later en vervolgens om de 3 maanden).

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We employ people on a permanent basis for a broad number of roles within the pharmaceutical industry including: key account managers, information specialists, medical sales representatives, nurses, medical writers, scientific directors, creative and multichannel specialists, meetings and events project managers and many more. De applicatie bellyBuddy is ontwikkeld door msd belgium en is bedoeld om patiënten met colitis ulcerosa (CU) te helpen. Naast een aantal handige hulpmiddelen voor de patiënt (speciale recepten, wc-zoeker, medicatieherinneringen, enz.) kan de applicatie gebruikt worden om de arts nauwkeurige en gestructureerde feedback te verstrekken over het verloop van de ziekte en de gevolgen ervan op de levenskwaliteit van de patiënt. De app mag niet gebruikt worden ter vervanging van een bezoek bij de arts.

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