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Now, the sti was built alongside the wrx on the production lines. 1995 Subaru Impreza transplantatie wrx sti ra the 1996 model year wrx debuted in January 1996. The wrx design received minimal mechanical changes, but a wrx v-limited Edition was introduced to celebrate the success of the Impreza wrc car in the fia wrc. It was mechanically the same to the wrx but had a curb weight nudge to 1,240 kg (2,734 lb). The v-limited cars are painted in World Rally Blue. A wrx sti v-limited edition was also produced. The interior is colored blue on the seat inserts and carpeting. The wrx type ra sti received a radio and air-conditioning in the v-limited form. 1,000 wrx sti version 2 V-limited were produced, with 555 wrx type ra sti version 2 V-limited models produced. GC8D (9/1996-9/1997) In September 1996, the wrx was updated with new styling.

malaysia cosmetic brand list

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An sti version of the type ra was also offered, again with many amenities deleted to reduce weight and cost. Producing 275 PS (202 kW; 271 bhp this version of the wrx sti came with a driver Controlled Center Differential (dccd). This device was an electromechanical differential that could lock the differential. GC8C (9/1994-9/1996) 1995 Subaru Impreza wrx (GC8C) In november 1994, the wrx had a power increase to 260 PS (191.2 kW; 256.4 hp). The wheel diameters were increased to 16 inches (410 mm) and brake rotors were both changed to ventilated disks. In Japan, the wrx engine was also offered with the hatchback body variant and was called the "Impreza gravel Express" but was discontinued due to very limited sales. To commemorate colin Mcrae 's success in the international rally scene, subaru in the uk released 200 limited edition "Series McRae" wrxs in June 1995, prepared by Prodrive. These vehicles were finished in a very limited "Rally Blue" colour scheme, sported gold 16-inch alloy wheels, Mcrae decals, individual numbered badging from 1201 (car 13 was never built since the number 13 is considered unlucky and a factory-fitted electric tilt/slide sunroof. Recaro seats were fitted in the front, and the rear seats and side panels were retrimmed in the same le mans/Avus material. The regular sti's engine output stood at 275 PS (202 kW; 271 bhp). The car weighed 1,240 kg (2,734 lb) and had gold wheels like those on the world Rally Championship Impreza.

malaysia cosmetic brand list

, the development car that led to the stripped-out Type. Three cars went to Prodrive ; three were retained by subaru uk and were subsequently sold. For uk car certification reasons they were registered as "1.8 GL" despite having the.0-liter turbocharged engine. GC8B (10/1993-8/1994) In October 1993, subaru introduced the 1994 model year wrx which produced 240 PS (176.5 kW; 236.7 hp). The rear rotors were substituted from ventilated disk to solid disk. October 1993 was also the start of production of the hatchback version, with 220 PS (162 kW; 217 hp). The first sti was known simply as "wrx sti with 100 per month were produced starting from February 1994. It had 250 PS (184 kW; 247 bhp). This version of the sti was the only version where the standard cars were taken at the end of the assembly line and replaced by sti parts.

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Coupe versions share the "GC" code with sedans, except in the us, where they have a separate chassis code of "GM". In 1994, subaru introduced Subaru tecnica International (STI) versions of the wrx in Japan. These models were upgraded from the standard wrx in many categories, including blueprinted performance-tuned engines, transmissions, and suspensions. The sti versions of the wrx were immensely successful in rallies and popular among street racers but were only sold in the japanese market. Compared to the wrx, the sti had mostly doen mechanical modifications. GC8A (11/1992-9/1993) The wrx debuted in november 1992 with 240 PS (176.5 kW; 236.7 hp). The center differential was a viscous coupling type, the rear limited slip differential was a viscous type. The wrx type ra is a stripped down version of the wrx that was available in the japanese market for people to purchase for motorsports and tuning. Targeted for race and rally, the ra versions were generally lighter in weight; featuring reduced soundproofing, manual windows, no air conditioning, no anti-lock brakes, and added racing features such as more robust engines, driver controlled center differentials, and shorter gearing. The wrx type ra uses a closer ratio gearbox and a three-spoke leather steering wheel from Nardi.

Subsequently, the.5RS performance model was introduced in 1998 (the same year the.8-liter engine was dropped). A naturally aspirated.5-liter engine and larger brakes were fitted into the coupé body with gold-colored 16-inch five-spoke alloy wheels. The.5rs also featured several external cues from its overseas brethren such as hood vents, a hood scoop, and a rally-inspired rear spoiler. The.5/EJ25D (dohc) used in the 1998 rs suffered from a high-rate of head gasket failures. model featured several changes: the newly designed "Phase ii" sohc version of the same.5 L engine featured a slightly higher peak torque by 5 Nm (3.7 lbft the wheels turned to a standard silver, the interior got an update, and the exterior became visually similar to the. 2.5RS models became available in sedan form for 2000. Subaru Impreza hatchback (Australia) Subaru Impreza gx sedan (Australia) Subaru Impreza gx sedan, (Australia) Subaru Impreza lx hatchback (Australia) Subaru Impreza lx hatchback, (Australia) Subaru Impreza coupe (US) Subaru Impreza gx hatchback (Australia) 2001 Subaru Impreza.5RS sedan (USA) Subaru Impreza casa Blanca (Japan) wrx. Subaru adopted the name "WRX" to stand for "World Rally experimental" (in some places wrx stands for "World Rally Cross as all wrx versions (1992 to present) feature rally inspired technology, including all wheel drive, stiffened suspensions and turbocharged four cylinder engines. The sti versions were marketed with consecutive numbers. Another way to determine the version of a wrx was to look at the chassis code. All wrx sold between 19ve the beginning chassis code of GC8 sedan or GF8 hatchback; this is followed by a letter from A.

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The Sport Wagon was also offered with the wrx turbocharged engine, and was called the Gravel Express. The Impreza received an external facelift for the 1997 model year, followed by an interior redesign in hair 1998, using the new redesigned dashboard from the forester. Subaru of North America initially offered the Impreza with the.8-liter engine only, with either front- or all-wheel drive;.2-liter engine became optional for 1995. model year, the.8/EJ18 was available with a 5-speed manual or a 4-speed automatic transmission on the 'base' model only. 8 The.2/EJ22 was only available with an automatic transmission for the l, lx, and Outback Sport trims. The 1995 model year also introduced obd-ii (On-board diagnostics version 2) in the ej22/Automatic transmission equipped models. The 1996 model line-up replaced the base version with the low-content Brighton trim, also used in the legacy model. A five-speed manual transmission became available with the.2 engine on all models, except the Brighton which was only available with the.8 and a 5-speed. Subaru later decided to emphasize all-wheel drive in North America, making it standard on every Impreza (and Legacy) from 1997 onwards. North American markets never received the wrx version of the first generation Impreza. To test the waters for a full-fledged turbocharged model, subaru showcased a turbocharged Impreza at various car shows around the country. The vehicle was named the.5rx and is now located in Subaru of America's Cherry hill, new Jersey storage facility. malaysia cosmetic brand list

Subaru discontinued the Gravel Express when the second generation Impreza was introduced due to very limited sales. The hood-scoop found on the American Outback Sport was non-functional but was probably included because the American and Japanese versions were built at the same factory in Japan. The outback Sport was offered with optional equipment, such as a gauge pack installed on top of the dashboard, that included a digital compass, outside temperature and barometer or altimeter readings. Trim levels were lx, gl and Sport generation. Lx models were front-wheel drive, and powered by.6-liter engine; these were four-door only. Gl trim levels were either front-wheel drive (Subaru badged these 2WD) or all-wheel-drive (badged awd cars launched in 1993 had a choice.6- and.8-liter flat-4 engines, the.6 being available with 2wd, the.8 an awd version only. From 1996, the.6- and.8-liter versions were dropped (in the european market and replaced by.0-liter engine. Sport versions had alloy wheels, and.0-liter engine only. These were "warm hatch" versions which were similar to the wrx, albeit less adorned. During this generation, subaru offered a limited edition Impreza sport Wagon called the casaBlanca, 7 which had a retro -inspired front and rear end treatment, which was inspired by the popular kei car Subaru vivio bistro styling package and Subaru sambar dias Classic.

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According to subaru, their configuration of the engine inline with the transmission minimizes body roll due to the lower center of gravity compared with offset engines in most other vehicles. The boxer design provides good vibration mitigation due to the principles of a balanced engine because the movement of each piston is largely countered by a piston in the opposing cylinder bank, eliminating the need for a counter-weighted rotating crankshaft ( harmonic balancer but with. Torque steer is also reduced with this type of powertrain layout since the front drive shafts are of equal length and weight. Subaru Impreza gravel Express (Japan) 2001 model year Subaru outback Sport (US) At the time of introduction, the japanese and European market naturally aspirated models (1.6 and.8) received an unusual grille with a small central opening. Only the wrx and regular North American models received a conventional "full" grille until the 1994 facelift, when the regular models' appearance was brought in line with that of the sporting models. The outback Sport was introduced to north America in 19 model year as an updated Impreza "L" Sport Wagon. It was the top trim level of the Impreza wagon model with no significant mechanical or performance changes from the lower trim levels aside from a slightly lifted suspension. Subaru found some sales success with the outback Sport as a smaller companion with similar ride height changes, body colors and trim levels to the larger, more successful selling Legacy-based Outback. For the first time, the.2-liter engine was used in the American Impreza. Later, the.5-liter engine was introduced. In Japan, the Impreza sport Wagon was offered with a similar approach to the outback Sport, calling it the "Impreza gravel Express" with the wrx turbocharged engine.

malaysia cosmetic brand list

The Impreza (also Impreza wrx and Impreza wrx sti) is a major rival to the. Mitsubishi winter lancer (and, mitsubishi lancer evolution ). Subaru has offered both front- and all-wheel drive layouts for the Impreza. Since the late-1990s, some markets have restricted sales to the all-wheel drive model—therefore granting the Impreza a unique selling proposition in the global compact class characterized by front-wheel drive. However, japanese models remain available in either tablet configuration. Contents 1 First generation (19922001) gm, gc, gf 2 Second generation (20002007) gd, gg 3 Third generation (20072014) ge, gv, gh, gr 4 fourth generation (20112016) gj, gp 5 Fifth generation (2016present) 6 Police use 7 Motorsports 8 Sales 9 References 10 Bibliography 11 External. 5 The car used a shortened version of the legacy's floor pan. 6 According to a motor Trend article written March 1992 on page 26, the name of Subaru's new compact was, initially, to be called the loyale, displaying an official photograph of the four-door sedan. In late 1995, a two-door coupe was introduced in Japan. Initial engine choices included.6-,.8- and.0-liter naturally aspirated engines. Subaru chose to continue their longstanding use of the boxer engine in the Impreza.

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The, subaru Impreza is a compact family car that has been manufactured since 1992. Subaru, introduced as a replacement for the. Leone, with the predecessor's, ea series engines replaced by the new, ej series. Now in its fifth generation, subaru has offered four-door sedan and five-door body variants since 1992; the firm also offered a coupe from 19, and a 5-door wagon from the Impreza's introduction in the form of a hatchback. Mainstream versions have received "boxer" flat-four engines ranging from.5-.5-liters, with the performance-oriented Impreza wrx and wrx sti models uprated with the addition of turbochargers. Since the third generation series, some markets have adopted the abbreviated. Subaru wrx name for these high-performance variants. The first three generations of Impreza in North America were also available with an off-road appearance package called the. For the fourth generation, this appearance package was renamed the. Xv crosstrek in North America and, unlike the outback Sport (which was exclusive to the north American market is sold internationally.

Malaysia cosmetic brand list
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Zahara, amira, who started the singapore-based luxury halal cosmetic brand, came up with an oxygen nail polish after her beauty line failed to obtain halal-compliant cosmetics. The nail polish, being water and oxygen permeable, can now be used by muslim women to perform wudhu or ablution without having to remove it).

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Wilson and Winnie in the middle (Photo: PolicyStreet). Ammar Roslizar (third from the left Ammar Shahrin (far right). (Photo: arba travel) (Photo: raeesa sya most left: Jonathan weins. Lim, lee and Ling in the middle. (Photo: The Edge) (Photo: Shila Amzah the arts, amira geneid, 25, founder and ceo.

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Meet the local game-changers who are reinventing their industries. The annual, forbes 30 Under 30 Asia is back for its third year, and were happy to report that 13 young entrepreneurs in Malaysia have made it to the list. Featuring 300 young innovators and disruptors across 10 categories who are driving change across the region, the list comprises finalists who were selected from thousands of online nominations representing 24 countries across Asia-pacific and vetted by a panel of judges. Amira geneid of Zahara, who was nominated in the arts category (art style, food drink) for her halal cosmetics brand, is the sole malaysian featured in the forbes 30 Under 30 Asia class of 2018, which includes 30 honourees in 10 categories. See the rest of the honourees below: (Photo: Zahara) (Photo: Jason lee/NEM) (Photo: Vinesh Sinha/Ernst and young Entrepreneur of the year Award).

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Wondermatte lipstick, pro Brush #stagecosmetics, tag a photo on Instagram with #stagecosmetics for a chance to be featured in our gallery! Cosmetic Manufacturer Malaysia malaysia cosmetic Manufacturer halal Cosmetic Manufacturer cosmetic oem malaysia. Skip to content, cosmetic Manufacturer Malaysia malaysia cosmetic Manufacturer halal Cosmetic Manufacturer cosmetic oem malaysia.

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